Membership & Renewals


Please see the link for the new 2021 online membership form   Click Here...

Club Membership special offer of just   £6   to mark  six+  decades of   CHESC (again price frozen due to Covid)

Training only members can now pay the reduced Swim England Category 1 membership but only if they have no intention of competing in any completion during the year.

Please compete the online membership form and make payment as soon as possible so we can get all the appropriate details to Swim England etc.

Swim England Fees 2021

Competitive Member: £35.75

Non-competitive Member: £17.20


For ease of calculating:

Competitive members fees are  £41.75

Non-competitive members fees are  £23.20

ď2nd claimď competitive fees are  £6.   (Swim England fees must have been paid through another club)



The committee has decided to continue to relax our competitive club status to help accommodate those that donít compete a little bit more. 

We understand that some of you due to injury, personal circumstance or simply fitness levels donít always compete.


We would like to stress the importance of all members being insured while swimming in the pool (& therefore must be registered) but recognise the need for the non competitive rate to be appropriate for some of you.


Should you have any concerns/questions about which category you fall into please donít hesitate to contact Karen, Kate  or Anne  & we can guide you through the process prior to filling out your forms. Please contact in the first instance


Training Fees:

Training Fees remain at £4 per session (£5 for visitors max 3 sessions per year).

However, changes in Banking practices have meant it has become increasingly difficult to accept and process cash payments. So Members will be required to pay £40 in advance by Bank Transfer for a block of 10 sessions with CHESC. Please send £40 (separately to Subs please) and these can be marked off in the book pool side when you attend (any unused in 2020 can be transferred to 2021)


Last updated: 22 January 2021