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Warwickshire Masters

Warwickshire ASA is starting to organise a Masters Championships for late 2019.  The event will be suited to novice as well as seasoned competitors to maximise participation and times will qualify for 'Ranks'.


Would you be so kind as to consult your Masters swimmers as to their feelings on medals please?


We are aware that many people don't bother to collect their Midlands medals and others they have won, so the options being considered in no particular order are:


No medals

Medals for 1st to third only

Medal for first place only

A points system with an award to top points entrants.

Any other suggestion?


If you could come back with comments by the end of June it would be appreciated.


Regards Paul Welsh - Email

WASA Masters Secretary


Midland Masters 2018 - May 26th & 27th 2018

The Midlands Masters Championships are just over 7 weeks away and the closing date for entries is the 4th May.... plenty of time to get fit, into race mode and enter some individual events ....  anyway.... 

Here is a link to the Event page on the Swim England (ASA) website where you can click on ENTER ONLINE for full details

Event Link...

As in previous years, during the course of the weekend Camp Hill Edwardians will endeavour to put the strongest combinations of swimmers in as many relays as possible. So that we can look at what relay teams we can enter, please let me know before the 27th April what days, sessions and strokes you are available to swim for CHESC.

Looking forward to hearing from you, whatever state you are in, either by email or text

Warm regards



2018 Memberships

New membership forms are now available in the Membership section


Midland Masters 2018 - May 26th & 27th 2018

Another new venue announced for the event this year. Now at Queens Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby CV22 5LJ

Closing date for entries Friday 4th May 2018

Event Link...