2017 News

T-30 Challenge - Wednesday 6th December 2017

Anyone wishing to enter the T-30 Challenge can do so on Wednesday 6th December during the running of the normal session. Please let Anne know if you want to do it so she can arrange counters etc.

Click the link below to see how to enter...

The Swim England T-30 challenge is a unique and simple event which determines just one thing who can swim the furthest in 30 minutes!

You dont have to have a Swim England membership to enter the T-30 Challenge. Its open to everyone living in Great Britain between 18 and 108 years old.

You can compete in your local pool as an individual or as part of a team with your club mates, friends, family or colleagues.

You could become a national champion for 2017 or compare your achievement against other swimmers in your age group...

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CHESC Kit Order

Date: 17/11/17

Dear All,


I am going to put an order in next Monday, if you would like to purchase a zipped hoodie or a polo top please let me know.




Above is a photo of my hoodie and an example of the embroidery which is the same on both, a picture of the fleece hoodie is on the website.

Below are the websites if you want to check the sizes.



1a) Zipped Hoodies cost 21.00  - ref W88 

1b) Fleece Zipped Hoodies cost 27 inc VAT ref F15

If you would like your name on front please state clearly.


2) Club tops cost 19.00, again please let me know the name you require on the front.

For sizing refer to the catalogue, under workwear. Click on polos >2nd page >Russell577M




Payment must be paid in advance with your order.

Details are below, please reference Hoodie or Polo.


Camp Hill Edwardians SC

(Bank details on request)


Best Wishes,




Shrewsbury Masters Gala - 6th January 2018

Dear Swimmer,

The Shrewsbury Masters Gala on 6th January 2018.  Online entries are now open for our annual swimming gala.  You can click here to read the details of the gala and entry fees, as well as information about the evening social event  GalaEntry2018.pdf , and to enter follow the link on the pdf file.  

Here are some additional notes regarding the online entry process:  

  1. Entry to the gala and evening social event is on-line only via Paypal but you do not need to have a Paypal account.  
  2. Our gala is linked to the Swim England (ie ASA) database (its an official Masters gala).  If you are a a registered swimmer please use the club with whom you are registered (eg Shrewsbury SC, Whitchurch etc).  If you are not a registered swimmer follow the instructions for temporary membership and pay the 15 fee.  
  3. If you are not entering races but wish to attend the evening social you can still just buy tickets for that.
  4. Would everyone please note that your emailed receipt acts as your entry ticket to the social event.

We look forward to receiving your entry again this year and seeing you all at the evening social event.  

Kind regards, 

Shrewsbury Masters Swimming Club


Camp Hill Edwardians at the National Masters 2017 - Sheffield

Dear Camp Hill Edwardians,


...  Sorry, I apologise, this is a bit later than I usually get to do a round up and ask the following questions ...  

  1. Are you competing at Sheffield 27th - 29th October and have you completed your online entry?

  2. Do you wish to be considered for any  CHESC relay events that we may enter?

  3. Which sessions are you happy to be present at to do a relay ?

  4. What strokes and distances are you prepared to swim ?


The Event Schedule and Online Entry Pack  can be accessed here:





Please be aware that if you only intend to swim relays you must still register online as a competitor by 6th October (fee is just 1.00)


I look forward to hearing from you asap. If I do not receive a reply by 1st October I will assume that  Sheffield is not on your competition calendar this year.... and if that's the case, here's to 2018 :)


Warm regards,




Swim England Masters Championships 2017 - 27th - 29th October


17th FINA World Masters - Budapest, August 7th - 20th 2017

Jenny Ball - 3k Open Water - 4th in 75-79 age group 1:18:41.4

Anne Bourne - 800m F/s - 6th in 60-64 age group 11:47.34 (Top Brit, 2nd European)

Kate Chase - 100m Breaststroke - 11th in 60-64 age group 1:37.9 (3rd Brit)

Jenny Ball - 200 Backstroke - 6th in 75-79 age group 4:30.99 (Top Brit)

Jenny Ball - 100m F/s - 9th - 1:48.42 (Top Brit)

Anne Bourne - 200 F/s - 7th - 2:47.60

Jenny Ball - 200 F/s - 5th - 3:51.45 (Top Brit)

Kate Chase - 200IM - 5th - 3:17.60

Kate Chase - 200M Breaststroke - 5th - 3:30.34

Anne Bourne - 400m F/s - 3rd - BRONZE - 5:41.28







Full Results - Medals awarded for the top 6




2017 Midland Masters - May 13th & 14th 2017 (Nuneaton)

Entries are now open (link below)... and please let Kate know when you are swimming so she can arrange the relays!

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2017 Memberships - Now Due

New membership forms are now available in the Membership section


Gerry Thain MBE (FGT) 1926 - 2013

Four Years Ago today, 4th January 2013, we lost this Great Man


Gentleman, Inspirational Coach, CHESC Founder, Legend.



Midland Masters 2017 - May 13th & 14th

New venue announced for this event. Now at The Pingles Leisure centre (not Leamington this year due to refurbishment work)

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Please find attached information on a Masters development day.  I am circulating to all clubs because it was noticeable that at this years Midlands Masters there was a marked increase in entries from clubs that don't regularly have entrants, so better to tell everyone than miss someone out.

Click Here for details...

Regards Paul Welsh

WASA Masters Secretary